I cannot believe what I just read. Marek, you are certifiably racist against your own people.

Every word, you spewed in your thread, are total lies. Are you aware that Zilinsky is Jewish?

Putin and Russia, as well as the Iranians, are our worst enemies.

Marek, where are you from?

Let me guess. You're probably a Trump supporter.

That speaks volumes.

You are a disgrace.

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I consider Putin the Hitler of the 21st century.

It breaks my heart, seeing children suffer, on the streets of Ukraine. I have a personal attachment to the area.

My Jewish grandparents fled from Kiev and the Tzar, in the early 1900s.

Our country is between a rock and a hard place, when it comes to actions being taken in this war.

We are dealing with a mentally disturbed Russian leader. From the protests, in Russia,

the citizens are not in favor of Putin's war.

What our government is doing, may not be a solution. But giving Ukraine supplies and billions of dollars, in aid, is a tremendous help.

I pray someone would be capable of infiltrating the Kremlin and taking out Putin.

The people in Ukraine and Russia, should be able to live in peace. With all due respect, to Yashar, I have very strong feelings, regarding Iraq and Iran. Their people have no love for America and Israel. It's been that way, forever.

Please, keep in mind, I totally support the Muslim people who live in our country. They came in peace and should not be discriminated against. Easier said than done.

The skin head racists are enemies of Muslims and Jews. We are in the same boat.

We live in an imperfect world. As long as there is hatred, we will see no peace.

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Mar 11, 2022·edited Mar 11, 2022

Assassination seems like the best solution. In my dreams, nations would unite in this effort and chip in for a bounty on Putin’s head. For example, Israel has refused Ukraine armament aid, but the U.S. gives Israel $4 billion taxpayer dollars every year. If Israel won’t participate in efforts that benefit all of us — like ridding the world of Putin — perhaps the U.S. could instead chip this year’s billions into the bounty pot. And since Mossad has mad skills in this arena, Israel could even end up with those funds after all! Money can solve the Putin problem, and a bounty is far less costly than any other option.

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It is a horrible situation In Ukraine. Like many continue to ask, where is the red line? You mentioned the coup of 1953; maybe not a bad idea to be started in Russia. I fear civil unrest will escalate in Russia as well and more innocent people will be hurt, or killed. I don't doubt the US has implanted some seeds in Russia to get an inside job moving. I think the only alternative is to help the Russian people to rise up against an evil Putin. It may work due to a different ideology. But I could also be naive as history always tends to repeat itself.

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For me, and I say this as someone who is Jewish who's family immigrated from Russia after WWII, there are only bad options but I believe that there are really only two things that matter here:

Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive.

Bullys only stop when you make them.

I don't want to see the US get into (another) war, but I'm not sure there's really much of a choice. What's the alternative? Let Russia eventually take Ukraine and hope he gets bogged down in an expensive (resources, time, money, troops) occupation ala Afghanistan?

And if you wouldn't stand up for Ukraine, that where's the line? Poland? If you say no, then you're saying the US won't stand by it's treaties.

You've also got China watching and if they think anyone can do what they want all the US (and NATO) may do is impose sanctions - which primarily impact the citizens of those nations and not it's leaders - then we're going be watching this unfold with Tiawan.

So I think we need to push back and though I don't think we need boots on the ground, a no fly zone or airial support is what I would do.

I guess I feel it's the best of the bad options, but no one else is going to stop him. No one else can. We're the only country with the ability to stand up Russia.

Also, I don't feel the Iraq comparison is apt because we aren't trying to overthrow Putin, you just want him pushed back to his side of the Ukrainian border.

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I wish I knew. He needs a face saving exit ramp. Negotiate an agreement for him to control the Donbas? Agree that Ukraine won't join NATO for a decade? Would an extended cutting of all economic ties have his citizens turn against him? So many questions and no answers. (yet)

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