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60 Minutes Australia Used My Shelly Miscavige Reporting Without Crediting Me

Mistakes happen in this business, but this wasn't a mistake.

60 Minutes Australia used my exclusive reporting on Shelly Miscavige, Scientology, and the LAPD without crediting me. Reporting on this story came at an enormous personal cost to me, and reporting on Scientology is dangerous and expensive.

Not giving credit to someone’s reporting is never acceptable in journalism. Yes, mistakes happen. Sometimes reporters won’t know that someone reported a detail first, but to obtain the photographs and documents in the story above, 60 Minutes Australia would have had to go to my story to lift them.

Last week, when I learned that 60 Minutes Australia was set to air a report about Scientology, I was excited. They’ve done some critical and incredible reporting on Scientology in the past. 

This is enormously frustrating. 

If you haven’t read my exclusive report on Shelly Miscavige and the LAPD, which is based on confidential LAPD documents that I obtained, I hope you will.

And I hope you’ll consider becoming a paid subscriber so I can keep doing this sort of reporting. 

Click Here To Read My Report.

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